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Matthew Harrison

Stand up Comedian

Instagram: Matthecomedian

When it comes to BanterBash events, it's not just a case of wanting to go to them, but it’s more so of not wanting to miss out! They’re that good!!! You feel like part of a big family and a friendly exciting environment where everyone knows everyone. Whether you want to laugh to some stand up Comedy, vibes to a live singing performance or skank out to a bangining DJ, Deprezzo’s events have it all.


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The comedians we work with are considered to be some of the best and most experienced comedians in the industry. We also try to keep things fresh by introducing new, up-and-coming comedians to our clients, ensuring we’re always on the cutting edge of incredible comedy of all types. 


We work with a variety of talented DJs who love making and playing music for a living. With their signature sounds and musical intuitions, all of the DJs we partner with are some of the most well-renowned and well-respected performers in the industry. They’re focused, professional, and passionate performers who love to entertain.


The best word to describe the Musicians we work with is passion. Their deep and true love of music comes out in every tune they play and performance they put on. It’s because of their exceptional commitment and invaluable experience that makes them perfect musical acts for any type of event.

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