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LP Spice is a blend in the truest sense of the word. A blend of cultures, a blend of identities, and a blend of colours and flavours. Founder, Melissa Lawrencepillai, is of Sri Lankan decent but was born and raised in England.


Growing up in the diversity of London, Melissa immersed herself in the many vibrant cultures she was exposed to within her community. From European, African, to South American and the Caribbean, food took centre stage.


LP Spice draws reference to this beautiful mix, but the fresh curry leaf is the main event. As a staple ingredient in Melissa’s home, it’s not surprising that it features in many of her recipes paying homage to her roots, and bringing out the essence of Sri Lanka.


In a way, LP Spice represents Melissa, and the many identities that have contributed to her rich and colourful view of the world.


Over the last two years, Melissa has worked hard to tell her story through taste and to craft the perfect blend, just for you.


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