Grandad Kim's Tomato Jam (Pre Order)

Grandad Kim's Tomato Jam (Pre Order)

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How to use Grandad Kims Jam


Use tomato jam anywhere you might use jam or chutney — as a topping for toast or biscuits, or as a blanket for soft cheeses. I recently added a few tablespoons to a marinade for flank steak destined for the grill and then as a sauce for serving it. 



What Does Tomato Jam Taste Like?

Tomato jam isn’t as sweet as traditional jam, as tomatoes are naturally high in pectin and require less sugar for thickening. Most tomato jam recipes lean savory, with warm spices like ginger and pepper added to make the jam more robust. The result is sweet and savory, with a thick jam-like texture with big pieces of the tomato throughout. That’s exactly what you’ll find here.


The making of Grandad Kims Jam


Grandad Kim's Sweet Organic home made Tomato Jam is made using Tomatos he hand picked himself with his son whilst in portugal! Once the tomatos were picked Kim made over 18Kgs of Jam whch he brought over to London. 


Once in London the Jam was given to Kim's Grandson Anthony De Prezzo who began packaging the jam into "Grandad Kim" Branded Premium quality preserving Jars made by Vanshef. 


Dimensions 8cm H - 5cm W  5cm D

  • Care Instructions

    Keep Refridgeirated up to 3 months


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